About Gennemtænkt IT

In 2006 Brian Johnsen and Morten Kristiansen founded Gennemtaenkt IT. The purpose of the company was to simplify the work procedures for different organizations and improve the workdays of their employees by providing sturdy and long-lasting software.

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Since then, Thomas Rasmussen (2014) and Thomas Glasius (2017) have joined the team – to colleagues who are dedicated to the same field of work as Brian and Morten.

Code that is thought through and thoroughly tested

It is in our professional DNA that the code we provide to our customers must be first-class, easy to maintain and extend, and of course thoroughly tested.

That’s why we call ourselves "Gennemtaenkt IT" ("IT Thought Through").

Morten Kristiansen og Brian Johnsen, Gennemtænkt IT

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Brian Johnsen
Tel: +45 2068 5747
E: brian@gennemtaenkt.dk

Morten Kristiansen
Tel: +45 2546 5589
E: morten@gennemtaenkt.dk

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Our team

We are a team of four developers who are dedicated to delivering the best possible code to our clients. Each of us have 15 to 25 years of experience with developing software.

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